Topic 2 - Clean Air Globally

Clean Air Globally – extended cooperation

Saltsjobaden Working Group


The objective of this working group is to consider how to facilitate global action to address air pollution, including how international organizations with common interests in addressing air pollution can more effectively contribute to the achievement of clean air globally. It will be divided into two parallel discussion tracks: one focused on policy opportunities and one on science needs. Cooperation will be an element of both tracks.

Focus of Session on Future Policy Development

To make recommendations for advancing the policy discussion related to addressing global air pollution and enhancing cooperation between the various international organizations with common interests, particularly related to ozone and particulate matter pollution. It will also address potential synergies with the Minamata and Stockholm Conventions, the Arctic Council, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, and UNEA resolutions related to reducing global air pollution, focusing in particular on best practices in reducing air pollution, specific air quality management tools, air quality data, and harmonizing common air quality data systems and information with the LRTAP Convention.

Focus of Session on Science

To explore the potential for improving the integration of scientific assessments examining global air pollution issues, including the health, ecosystem, and climate impacts of ozone, particulate matter, mercury, and persistent organic pollutants; and to identify actions that can exploit synergies between existing scientific research and assessment efforts, including but not limited to those of LRTAP (including TF HTAP), AMAP, CCAC, and the subsidiary bodies of the Stockholm and Minamata Conventions.

Discussion Leads and Facilitators

The policy track will be led and facilitated by Kimber Scavo and Jennifer Kerr in consultation with Richard Ballaman. The science track will be led and facilitated by Terry Keating and Frank Dentener in consultation with H.C. Hansson and Kaarle Kaupiainen.

Contact persons:
Kimber Scavo -
Richard Ballaman -
Jennifer Kerr -
Hans Christen Hansson -
Terry Keating -
Frank Dentener -
Kaarle Kaupiainen -


Outcome of Working Group discussions


Agenda for the Global policy session

Click here to download policy session Word, 28 kB.

Agenda for the Global science session

Click here to download science session Pdf, 313 kB.

Presentations Global Science

Presentations Global Policy

Background documents

Clean Air Globally. Note for the workshop by John Pwamang

Pwamang Paper on Air Quality for Sweden Workshop March 2018.pdf Pdf, 99 kB.

Future air quality and related health effects in a Nordic perspective

The possible impacts of future changes in climate, anthropogenic emissions, demography and building structure

Protection of the Atmosphere: The Work of the UN International Law Commission (ILC).

Note prepared by Shinya Murase, Member and Special Rapporteur of the ILC.

Nitrogen – Background documents for the Science track from Mark Sutton

South Asia-Nitrogen Mgt-Resolution-UNEA-3.docx Word, 18 kB.

Clean Air Globally Nitrogen.docx Word, 229 kB.

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